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Five Ways to Decorate Your House for Less

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According to the International Housewares Association, the average U.S. household spends around $614 per year on housewares. That represents a slight increase over previous years, and purchases through non-store retailing sales grew by nearly 15 percent as people increasingly made purchases online and through catalogs in an effort to save money on their household items.

“We have reached a time when people not only want and need a good deal, but are using technology to actively seek one out,”# explains Braden Richter, the chief executive officer of www.LuxeYard.com, an online member site that offers discounts on housewares. “The deals are certainly around, for those who take the time to seek them out.”#

Here are five ways to decorate your house for less:

  1. Pillows. Investing in some beautiful decorative pillows can make any inexpensive sofa or bedspread look high-end. Buy a plain couch or bedspread and buy decorative pillows to top it with. They will set the tone for decorating, and they will give the room a comfortable feeling.
  2. Rugs. New carpeting or tile can cost a lot of money. If you need to spruce up the decorating on the floors, opt for some nice rugs. They are great for hiding less-than-great flooring and can really make a room shine.
  3. Thrifting. Finding inexpensive home furnishing, especially furniture, can be as easy as visiting your local thrift stores. They usually have a variety of items to offer, and the prices are a fraction of what the items would cost new.
  4. Group buys. There is power in numbers. When you get in on a group buy, such as those offered at LuxeYard, you can save a great deal of money on housewares. This collective buying power is becoming increasingly popular as the Internet allows groups of people to get in on the sale from anywhere in the country.
  5. Flash sales. Not sure what a flash sale is? Think of it being here one minute and then gone then next. A flash sale offers deeply discounted prices on high-end merchandise. The catch is that you need to be ready to grab it, because the deals are so good that they will not last. In fact, they will be gone in a “flash.”#

“The great thing about the group buys and flash sales are that they can be accomplished at a fraction of the retail price right from the convenience of your own home,”# added Richter. “The Internet has afforded us these cost-saving benefits.”#