Fool-Proof Spring and Summer Hair Trends

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While some may argue that winter never truly arrived, there is no doubt that for most of us, spring has sprung. With a new season comes new trends, and the world of hair is no exception. From recent red carpet events to runway shows, celebrities and style trendsetters alike are blazing the trail of the most sought-after looks for the warmer months. The question becomes how to make them work for everyday wear. Here are fool-proof versions of hot spring and summer looks from celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of Gocha Salon, Gocha Hawkins, with emphasis on low-maintenance styling, also known as a woman”s best friend.

Tight Top Knot
The updo is back this spring, and arguably the most popular style of the moment is the upswept top knot. “More than ever, we see people taking more chances with hair. The top knot has been a favorite of celebrities for a long time, and now more women are looking to capitalize on this easy, yet impactful, trend. One thing to remember when doing the top knot is that your hair should be shoulder length or longer; anything shorter, and your style will be much more difficult to achieve. When you add too much product, it can be sticky and unflattering,”# says Gocha.

  • Gather hair as if putting up in a high, slicked-back ponytail. If hair is thin and does not have a lot of natural volume, tease gently and pull back, securing with hair elastic.
  • Divide hair into two sections, winding them around one another from the base of the ponytail.
  • Using hairpins, secure hair by pinning the base and then any additional loose hair. The key is to keep most of it contained so the look emphasizes the knot.
  • Spray with hair spray to keep in place throughout the day or night.

Effortless Waves
While for some of us, beachy hair may be easier to achieve, for those without a natural wave, it takes a little practice to get the right look without overloading on product. As Gocha explains, “One of the biggest mistakes with the beachy-haired look is to utilize products without understanding your hair type. For all hair types, you”ll want to avoid products that are sticky or that make your hair feel hard. Overdoing it on gel or spray can make hair appear stiff, and often, it doesn”t solve the issue of frizz. If your hair is prone to frizzing, use a serum; they are most easily absorbed into hair.”#

  • While hair is still wet, apply a volumizing spray; after all, the desired effect is a little bit of a boosted, “heavy-with-saltwater”# wavy style that requires some volume.
  • Blow-dry with hands; don”t brush hair while styling.
  • Choose random groups of strands and twist with fingers; particularly those around the face.
  • Finish with hairspray if needed.

High Volume
With humid months around the corner, it”s helpful to have a few styles in the repertoire that lend themselves well to high volume. As Gocha puts it, “Why fight it when it”s humid outside? It”s a losing battle, unless you want to spend your day doing countless touch-ups, and who has time for that? I usually suggest going for trends that are low-maintenance and work well for women with thicker hair that changes texture in heat. Achieving a bigger look is simple, and contrary to popular belief, does not require a trip to the salon for a professional blowout!”#

  • If hair is thin, use a shampoo that specializes in producing volume.
  • Use volumizing spray, and then flip hair until upside down. Blow drying this way produces natural heft and allows closer access to roots that may need teasing.
  • If needed, use a three inch curling iron (make sure all hair is dry first!) to add more control to waves.
  • Not big enough? Tease hair at the crown. Then, using a large flat brush, comb out and seal with hairspray.

Short and Chic
There is no time more popular for short hair styles than spring and summer. And with more and more stars embracing the pixie cut, the moment to go short is now. “Not only are short hair styles the most low-maintenance and easiest to style, but they”re also increasing in popularity as more and more celebrities embrace them. It”s important with a short haircut to trust your stylist to give you the right look; this isn”t something that I would suggest trying at home. It takes a certain personality to pull off this trend, but it”s worth it to be on the cutting edge of what is chic,”# explains Gocha.

  • With short styles, keep in mind that they look best on women with square, oval or heart-shaped faces and hair with a certain degree of texture. Not curly, but wavy, is the best for short hair, though thin can also work if layered well.
  • While many women think that a pixie cut is a “one-trick pony,”# there are certain cuts that can be very versatile. For example, a short pixie cut can be styled into choppy bangs, a deep side part, spiked up for volume, or tousled.
  • One of the best go-to products for any type of styling for a pixie cut is a wax-based product, which adds volume and also separation for sectioning hair. Use this as an alternative to hairsprays for keeping the style in place.

“Spring and summer are the prime seasons for women to be more confident in changing hair. I always suggest going for whatever look you”re considering, because it is hair, and it grows back! These easy styles are great for women-on-the-go who seek low-maintenance, yet trendy, looks. And isn”t that all of us, after all?”# Gocha says.

Information courtesy of Gocha Hawkins, www.GochaSalon.com.

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