From Job Fairs to Graduation, Gwinnett Center is Education”s Favorite Venue

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Preston Williams

It is summertime once again, first signaled around the Gwinnett Center by the sight of caps and gowns. Nine Gwinnett County schools held their commencement ceremonies in The Arena, and we would like to extend our congratulations to the class of 2007 and wish them the best of luck in the future.

Graduations are only a small aspect of the partnership that Gwinnett Center has with Gwinnett County Public Schools. Each year, some of our brightest students come to test their knowledge and try to obtain college credit at the high school level through Advanced Placement testing. This year, we were also proud to have hosted the Gwinnett Student Leadership Team, Inc. Leadership Summit. Many of our county”s student leaders came from all over Gwinnett to try and reach some of the summit”s objectives. Goals included exploring strategies and techniques to support schools in developing quality student leaders, expanding knowledge and skills to lead high-performing organizations, and celebrating the spirit and quest of each school to become a world-class organization. The future looks very bright for these upcoming community leaders.

We look forward to helping the Leadership Summit continue to reach their goals and objectives with local students.

Gwinnett Center is not only a place that aids in student activities; we also have a wonderful partnership with Gwinnett County teachers. Each year, the Gwinnett County Education Job Fair is held here to help those seeking placement in the educational system. Many of those who do accept positions within the county will also attend the New Teacher Orientation, which will be held in The Convention Center for the second time in August.

It seems that many of our events involving Gwinnett County teachers eventually come full circle. While many begin their careers here, many teachers end their tenures here as well. Each year, the school system honors those that have dedicated their lives to the education of others and rewards them with a banquet held in our Grand Ballroom. It is a small token of appreciation for all that these educators have done for their countless students throughout the years. This banquet is not the end for the retired teachers, because although they are retired, they are still teachers, and we know how they like to celebrate. The retired teachers” banquet is held here annually as well, so everyone can stay in touch despite all of the activities in which these retirees are finally getting the chance to take part.

Speaking of celebrations, we cannot forget about prom season – a time for students and teachers to break out their best dresses and tuxedos. Everyone gets the chance to forget about homework, tests and grading papers for an evening and commemorate another year that has passed. Our Convention Center has been home to numerous proms, and we always enjoy hosting these evenings so memorable for everyone involved.

The Gwinnett Center would like to extend our appreciation to the faculty and students of Gwinnett County schools for allowing us to be a part of so many educational milestones each and every year. Whether it is graduations, Advanced Placement testing, middle school concerts or drama plays, we are proud to be a community facility. Best of luck to our graduates and to everyone else!

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