Gadgets and Gizmos

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Don”t know what to get your teen this holiday? Here are a few helpful hints. These goodies will help prevent driver distraction, add a little pizzazz to your teen”s electronics and incorporate novelty with fun computer speakers and Web cams.

SMS Replier
Help your teen avoid the (illegal) temptation to talk on the phone or send a text while driving with the SMS Replier. Just download the application to their smart phone and it will automatically send anyone who texts or calls a message that they are driving and will return their text or call soon. But if you absolutely have to get in contact with them, there”s a “Drive 5” feature that will notify your teen with a special ring that you are trying to reach them so that they can pull over and return your call immediately.
$19.95 www.smsreplier.com

Talking Friend Watch
This is a clever novelty item that is great for both guys and girls. This talking watch literally tells time and comes pre-loaded with fun alarm sounds including owls and ringing bells. Just remind them to not get caught disrupting class with their watch!
$18 www.FredFlare.com

500XL Desktop Earbud Speakers
Your teen can share music from their iPod or laptop with all of their friends with these extra-large earbuds. They are 500 times larger than the traditional, smaller earbuds and have a built-in amplifier for enhanced sound quality.
$44.99 www.perpetualkid.com

Cell Phone/ Laptop Skins
Personalize your teen”s cell phone, laptop or game systems with an adhesive skin of their favorite sports team logo, photo or fun design. Showcase their personality and ensure that no one else can “accidentally” mistake their electronics for their own.
Prices vary www.bestubuyskins.com

Wi-Fi Internet RadioThere”s yet another way for teens to get their music – the Vtech IS9181 Wi-Fi Internet Radio. After connecting with any Wi-Fi connection, the radio can stream Internet radio stations without a monthly fee, connect to an iPod or MP3 player to playback music, and comes with high quality speakers.
$149.95 www.vtechphones.com

Mini Fan & Mini Web Cam
These computer accessories are perfect study companions for your teen and both gadgets hook up to the computer through a USB port. The mini fan keeps your teen cool while working on homework, and the Web cam is perfect for uploading parent-approved videos to YouTube or chatting with friends through Skype.
$17 (fan) & $29 (Web cam) www.pbteen.com