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Ever known someone who”d drive 600 miles for a business trip, instead of flying, just because it”s easier? Can you really blame them? By the time you drive an hour to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, spend 30 minutes dragging your luggage to the terminal from economy parking, waste another hour checking in and going through security (don”t forget taking both your shoes off and getting wanded), jump on the shuttle to your gate and then wait another 30 minutes before boarding, you might as well have driven. After all, you”d only have to load up your luggage and go…

what could be simpler?

Loading up your luggage and going on a private jet could be a lot easier. You wouldn”t have to navigate, make rest stops or go through a drive-through for lunch. You”d simply drive up to a waiting jet, hand off your luggage and hop in for a pleasant ride.

And that”s what James Justice had in mind when he began Georgia Jet in 1985. A pilot himself, he started off with one plane at Peachtree DeKalb Airport, fueled by the knowledge that executives wanted easier air travel. In 1990, he moved Georgia Jet to Gwinnett County”s Briscoe Field Airport.

"A lot of our customers live near here so it”s easy to access for them. We”ve seen a big increase in demand the last couple of years because people are becoming more aware of the service out here and also because of commercial airlines” current state of affairs," said Justice.

Corporate clients want the convenience and security of chartering a private jet, and that”s what Georgia Jet gives them. The company can fly in and out of a large number of airports across the nation, more than commercial lines can. Jets from Georgia Jet have literally flown all over the world, from Russia to the Caribbean. With 10 jets, 47 full-time pilots and eight full-time maintenance men, getting a flight is not a problem, even at 10 p.m. A 24-hour dispatch office can arrange a flight anytime, day or night.

A typical load consists of four to five passengers, maybe on a business trip to New York or Miami. Once or twice a week you”ll find Tom Abernathy, president of Abernathy and Timberlake Investment Group, on a chartered jet, heading off to a business meeting. A loyal client for almost 10 years, Abernathy likes the convenience, service and reliability Georgia Jet offers.

"Chartering a jet gives us many more options. They work around our schedule, and it”s much more efficient, especially if there are multiple people going," said Abernathy.

Georgia Jet keeps a profile on regular customers, noting what drinks they like, what foods they prefer, if they like snacks. They even arrange ground transportation and have turned into a travel agency on occasion, lining up hotel rooms for an overnight stay.

"We try to meet all the customer”s expectations. We”re very detail oriented – it”s the little things that make a good impression," said Justice.

Fares for a chartered jet are based on hourly rates, and those using Georgia Jet”s Monthly Membership program get first pick of available aircraft, along with reduced hourly rates and low monthly dues. Or they can choose the JetSet Travel Card with no membership fees, no management fees and low rates.

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