Get to Know Phil Wolfe

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Phil WolfePresident and CEO of Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC)

Where he”s been makes Phil Wolfe the business leader he is today. Gwinnett Magazine peels back the pages of time to capture pivotal moments that helped define this Gwinnett luminary”s career journey. In the process, we uncovered some fun factoids, too!

My first job was: a newspaper delivery boy in Mt. Vernon Ohio. I had a walking route delivering 70 papers. The houses were very close together and I had many retirees on my route, which gave me a deep appreciation for an older generation early on. If the resident was handicapped or it was raining, I would put the paper in the door. They loved me and I loved them. At 13 years old, I was named Ohio”s Newspaper Delivery Boy of the Year runner-up. I was invited to the state newspaper convention. There, I met three astronauts who said they were training to fly to the moon. I thought they were crazy!

I realized I wanted to be in hospital administration when: I was in the army, more specifically the medical corps of engineers.

If I weren”t a hospital administrator, I would be: in sales or marketing (I majored in marketing in college)

To unwind after a long day: run about three miles and if the weather is bad, I have a glass of wine

Right now on my ipod I”m listening to: early rock and roll from the 60s like Bob Seger and the Stones

My inspiration is:# my parents. They inspired me to go to school and I was the first person in my family to go to college.

My favorite restaurant is: Capital Grille in Buckhead (locally) and The Canoehouse at Mauna Lani Bay Hotel in Hawaii

My favorite television show is: The Golf Channel

If a movie were made about me, I would be played by: Jimmy Stewart (I”ve been told I look like him)

Right now I am reading:# “Unbroken”# by Laura Hillenbrand

If I could be any character in literature or entertainment, I would be: Johnny Carson because it always seemed like he and Ed were having such a good time together

One thing people may not know about me is: I once ran a race with Frank Shorter, a former long-distance runner who won the gold medal in the marathon at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

My first car was: 1967 red VW Bug