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Get Your Gas Grill Barbecue-Ready for Summer

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The temperatures are warm. The sky is bright and clear. Dinner is cooked on the grill and eaten outside on the patio. Nothing says summertime quite like the smell of juicy steaks or barbecue chicken sizzling on the grill.

But before you fire up your grill or even plan your first outdoor cookout, it’s important to make sure your gas grill is ready for all that barbecuing. Think about it. Your grill has probably been sitting idle all winter. It’s been outdoors and exposed to frigid air, and maybe even ice, sleet and snow. That’s a sure way to bring on rust and decay. Once the weather warms up and you’re ready to use your grill, it’s important to have all the components of your gas grill inspected —the burners, gas lines, igniter system, propane tank, etc.—and cleaned to make sure everything is still in good working order.

Some people are very savvy about gas grills and do an annual inspection themselves. Most people, though, probably do not have the expertise to adequately do the job, nor do they have the time to deep-clean their grills. If you fall in that latter category, Bardi Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has just the solution you need.

Right now you can have both your grill and home air conditioning system professionally cleaned, inspected and safety-checked by Bardi. Perhaps you have already been thinking the air conditioning in your home needs a tune-up before the really hot weather hits. With Bardi”s special offers, you can get both your air conditioner and your gas grill ready for summer. For information about Bardi”s current grill and AC specials, please visit http://bardi.com

You may already be familiar with what needs to be done to get your AC summer-ready, but wonder what’s included when your gas grill is professionally cleaned and inspected. For starters, every part of the grill is degreased including the hood, control knobs, drip pans, racks, and pull-out tray. Special tools are used to scrub areas the average homeowner may not be able to reach. Cooking grids are removed to check for rust and other unhealthy materials that may have built up. Burner orifices and venturi tubes are inspected for rust and blockages. The spark igniter system is tested to make sure it works. Propane cylinder hoses and natural gas connections are examined for leaks.

One of the biggest plusses of having a professional inspection of your gas grill is that you reduce the risks of having a propane-related emergency. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, propane-related grilling accidents are responsible for more than 6,500 fires and explosions each year in the United States. A gas grill professional knows how to safely inspect gas tanks, lines and hoses, whereas the grill owner could easily have an accident doing the same procedures. And of course, having your grill professionally inspected can identify problems before they turn into propane tank fires and explosions.

How often should your grill be professionally cleaned and inspected?
If you do most of your barbecuing during the summer months, a professional cleaning and inspection of your outdoor grill once a year, at the start of every summer barbecue season, is probably all that’s necessary. If you grill year-round, your grill may need additional deep-cleanings during the year.

It goes without saying, if you are experiencing any kind of problems with your grill—it isn’t cooking evenly, it’s too hard to light, the gas flame is predominantly yellow or orange (rather than blue), the flame sputters or originates from areas other than the burners, the temperature controls are hot to the touch, or you smell gas when the grill is on—these are all signs that your grill is in need of repair, and another reason to have it inspected.

Routine cleaning is also needed
Keeping your grill in tip-top shape is a team effort. In addition to professional deep-cleanings and inspections, grill owners should do routine grill cleaning themselves.

Outdoor grills should be cleaned after every use. After you’re done cooking and the grill has cooled down slightly, scrub the grate using a wire brush. This easiest to do while the grill is still warm. Once the grill is completely cool, use a wash cloth and mild detergent or dish soap to clean the grates, burners and drip pan. Wipe all of these surfaces with paper towels and then let them air dry.

When you’re not using your grill, place a water-resistant, fitted cover or tarp over it to keep it clean and protect it from the elements (rain, sun, etc.). Obviously you need to make sure your grill has cooled off after you’ve used it, and that it’s dry if you’ve washed it—before you put a cover on top.

A well-maintained grill is a well-functioning grill

Having your grill inspected and deep-cleaned annually, along with giving it routine cleanings, means it’s going to be a well-maintained outdoor appliance. Professional, annual inspections will alert you to any repairs that need to be made, and in turn, keep the grill in good working order.

When your grill is clean, pests and their droppings are eliminated, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that might spoil the food. You will be cooking on a surface that is free of caked-on dirt, rust, carbon deposits and other harmful substances that could be transferred to your food.

Clean grills cook more evenly and efficiently. You’re going to have less smoke when cooking, and eliminate flare-ups or grease fires. The food you prepare may even taste better when cooked on a clean grill; it’s not going to develop the “off” taste from cooking on dirty grill surfaces.

There’s no time like the present to get your grill—and your air conditioning—ready for summer. To make an appointment for a gas grill and air conditioning inspection and cleaning, or for more information about any of Bardi’s other services, call them at 770-263-5355, or visit their website at http://bardi.com. Summer is a lot more fun when your outdoor grill and your air conditioning are functioning like they should!

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