GGC Breaks Ground for New Instructional Laboratory Facility

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Education Update: Georgia Gwinnett College

Needed to accommodate expected fall 2011 enrollment of 8,000

Georgia Gwinnett College broke ground yet again today – this time for a new instructional laboratory facility that will accommodate the college”s rapidly expanding student body.# Featuring seven modern, multi-disciplinary laboratories and an instrumentation core, the sleek facility is designed for optimum function in meeting the young college”s critical need for more laboratory space.

About 200 people attended today”s event, which was held on the future site of the $7 million, 24,000-sq. ft. facility.# It was funded by the University System of Georgia”s Board of Regents.

“I cannot emphasize strongly enough how critically important this facility is for the college,”# said GGC President Daniel J. Kaufman.# “Our existing laboratory space is a limiting factor on our enrollment growth and further development as an institution.# This year, we hit that limit.”#

Without the new facility, Georgia Gwinnett College would have had to cap its enrollment at about 6,000 students.# The new laboratories will enable the college to enroll up to 8,500, a number that Kaufman expects to achieve in fall 2011.

“The size of our enrollment and the pace of our growth is really no surprise,”# Kaufman said. “The Gwinnett region needed a four-year, public college.# Nothing reaffirms this institution more than our enrollment.# Our ongoing challenge is to anticipate the growth, and plan for it responsibly.”#

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