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Giving Green Thumbs a New Look

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On the front porch of grassroots girls, the garden design boutique that”s inventing garden chic in Duluth, Renee Izadi is arranging an urn filled with Devil”s Wing Begonia, flushed Impatiens, ruffled Victorian Coleus and Tear-Drop Ivy.

Izadi”s business partner, Nancy Wallace, steps back to admire the arrangement.

Neighbors for seven years, the two women never realized how much they had in common, until one day Izadi stopped by Wallace”s garden as she took an after-work walk. Tired of the corporate world and longing to work in her own garden, Izadi noticed how beautiful Wallace”s garden was and knew she had found the perfect partner for her idea of a gardening business. She gathered her courage, knocked on Wallace”s door, presented her idea, and the rest is history.

Working together as a landscape team before opening grassroots girls, the women”s landscaping clients began requesting garden features, such as arbors and benches. Izadi and Wallace realized how limited their resources were and re-directed their talents to concentrate on a specialty garden and home retail shop. The new garden shop provides clients with unique merchandise for the home and garden, while still providing landscape design services and custom-designed landscape plans.

Strolling through grassroots girls presents a visual feast for the eyes. Izadi and Wallace spent four months searching for merchandise to suit their standards before opening the shop in May. Located in the renovated historic Knox house, grassroots girls is filled with antiques that serve as display cases for their ware and also are for sale. Slate green bistro tables are adorned with scented lavender topiaries, unique imported ceramics and colorful linens. Stained glass window panels hang from the window frames # everything has a garden theme. The regal copper and glass bird feeders, made from recycled materials, serve as spectacular garden sculptures with a purpose. One of the signature items of grassroots girls is their selection of stately handcrafted birdhouses.

Izadi and Wallace hope to give their discriminating customers merchandise readily available in the northern suburbs. Rustic bird baths, graceful fountains and botanical images engraved on wall plaques are just some of the specialty items you will find in a shop packed floor-to-ceiling with unique products. The sound of water trickling from the patina copper fountains nested amid the lush garden foliage is an unmistakable invitation to step into the botanical paradise created by Izadi and Wallace.

Their web site, www.grassrootsgirls.com, features seasonal tips for Georgia gardeners and offers plant lists for hummingbird and butterfly gardens. Practical gardening advice is available any time of the year as Izadi and Wallace boast of more than 15 years of Southeastern gardening experience.

For more information, call 678-475-9444. Grassroots girls is closed Sundays and Mondays.

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