Giving Hope That “This Too, Shall Pass”

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Lisa, 2008

Heroes Project Update: Lisa Cauthen

You can call her a survivor, a breast cancer survivor that is! We last visited with Lisa Cauthen in 2008 after her May lumpectomy surgery, a summer of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments that ended right before Halloween. Today, she is cancer free! “I am status quo on the cancer front and I am going back for regular checkups,” she says. “There have been no surprises, which is a good thing.”

Being cancer free has also allowed her to enjoy a new hair-do! “My hair came back a totally different color from the first 48 years of my life,” she says. “I actually look like I”m a member of the family now – as I was the only blond in the family prior to cancer and I always wondered if I really belonged.”

Lisa, 2011

This year also brings change in her household as her two children are both graduating” one from high school and one from college. Lisa has also been actively involved in her church”s cancer ministry. “It is a joy to walk alongside other people fighting this disease and to give them hope that “this too, shall pass,”” said Lisa.