Great Dates: How-To

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Dating can be fun – really! Dating is an opportunity to meet someone new, try different activities or restaurants, and hopefully find someone great for a new relationship. Here are a few tips to make dating as painless as possible and get through the awkward phase of getting to know someone.

Pick a venue: One of the cardinal rules of dating is to choose a venue for your date. Most dating experts agree that women do not want to be the one that has to pick a place, especially when they were asked out. Take this opportunity to show your date who you really are. If you”re outdoorsy, maybe rent a boat at Lake Lanier. If you”re into exotic cuisine, choose a restaurant you”ve never tried before.

Pay (for the first date at least): Sorry guys, but you”re going to have to pay on the first date. You can argue that it”s archaic or presumptuous, but it”s polite and the right thing to do. According to dating advice shared on Yahoo Personals, ladies invest a lot of money to put themselves together for your date and the least you can do is pay.

Mind your manners: Please don”t text, email or call anyone during your date. It”s rude and just makes a bad impression. Unless you”re Superman (or a doctor), nothing is that important that you can”t turn off your phone for an hour or two. Turn off the phone and enjoy your date!

Call: Call your date before your outing to confirm the time and that you”re still, in fact, going out. If you have fun on your date, call her to schedule another one! You don”t have to follow the “three day” rule either. As long as you aren”t calling your date in the same evening, it”s okay to call her the next day to see how her day is going. Most importantly, don”t forget that texting is never a substitute for a phone call.