Great Dates

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Walked around the mall and visited all the shops. Gone to the Fox at least once this year. Even done miniature golf. Now you”re staring into each other”s eyes again but this time you”re really staring. In fact, you think you see the dots start to connect and a 3D picture appear. It”s way past time for some new date night ideas.

You”ll find that variety is the spice that keeps your love life going. For all those guys that don”t know where to start, check these ideas out (Girls, you might want to place this article in a strategic location!).

Ice Skating

You”ll never find a better way to break the ice! Puns aside, whether it”s the first or 50th date, skating along hand in hand can definitely bring you closer. Afterwards, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and intimate conversation. And, if you”re skating at the Duluth Ice Forum, you may even catch the Thrashers” practicing.

Gwinnett Gladiators

Speaking of ice skating, how about watching our very own Gwinnett Gladiators on the ice? Whether you”re dating a hockey fanatic or just enjoy an action-packed evening, both of you are sure to be entertained. Sneak a kiss in and you may end up on the Gladiator TV!

Aurora Theatre

Start the evening with dinner at a fine restaurant, then make your way over to the Aurora for some of the best live theatre around. It”s an entertaining way to spend the evening and enjoy local culture. Afterward, wander over to one of the porch swings on the Duluth Town Greene to just relax and enjoy each other”s company.

Go-Kart Racing

Tired of being told you drive like a girl? Then it”s time to show him up on the track. Every couple needs some friendly competition and the high-powered Indy style cars at Norcross”s Malibu Grand Prix are just the thing.

Dance Lessons

Ready to Rumba? Or waltz the night away? You”ll find that dance lessons are a great way to get in rhythm with your partner…plus, they”re just plain fun. Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Duluth will have you swinging to the beat in no time.

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