Grilled Thai Shrimp with Baby Arugula & Raw Vegetable Salad By Hi Life, Norcross

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Note: This recipe originally appeard alongside a restaurant feature.


1 tablespoon leeks (white flesh only)
1/2 tablespoon garlic
3/4 cup peanut butter
1/2 tablespoon ginger (fine dice)
1/4 tablespoon curry powder
1/4 tablespoon Sambal chili paste
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
1 lime (zest & juice)
1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke
1/4 cup oil (canola/olive blend)


1. Chop remaining ingredients finely and then whisk together into a smooth paste.
2. Interlock shrimp (forming a yin yang shape); skewer the shrimp at the ends of 10 inch skewers (soak skewers for 30 minutes in warm water before adding shrimp).
3. Season shrimp lightly with salt and pepper, place on grill and baste with Thai sauce. Grill for 3 minutes, flip shrimp over and baste with another tablespoon of Thai sauce.
4. Cook for 3 minutes.
5. To lock in flavor, baste shrimp once more on each side and cook 1 minute on each side.


Baby Arugula Salad


4 oz. arugula
1 1/2 oz. asparagus
2 oz. zucchini
2 oz. squash
1 1/2 oz. red onion
2 oz. red peppers
3 oz. ginger or sesame vinaigrette
1/2 lime (juice)


1. Julienne all vegetables (3 inch by 1/8 inch strips), then toss to mix with arugula and juice of half a lime.
2. Just before serving, mix salad to lightly coat with your choice of ginger or sesame vinaigrette from your grocery store.
3. Place shrimp skewers cross wise over bed of greens and lightly drizzle a tablespoon of Thai glaze over shrimp.

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