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Gwinnett Medical Center Hosts Yes 2 Save Lives Rally

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Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) will host a Yes 2 Save Lives rally on Thursday, October 28 at 11 a.m. on the front lawn of the Lawrenceville campus.

A trauma patient”s chances of survival increase dramatically if he or she receives care within the “golden hour” immediately following injury. "Rapid response by trained pre-hospital providers in ground and air ambulances is critical. So is the distance to the nearest trauma center," says Gina Solomon, trauma program manager for GMC.

"Access to trauma care is a matter of life and death, but providing trauma services is very expensive. It requires a financial commitment on the hospital”s part to have trauma surgeons available 24/7, neurosurgeons on call and to provide the advanced training for nurses and other clinical staff," said Solomon. Existing payment mechanisms do not come close to reimbursing hospitals, physicians and EMS providers for the trauma care they provide.

Only 16 of Georgia”s 152 acute-care hospitals are designated trauma centers. A state the size of Georgia should have approximately 30 trauma centers in strategic locations to adequately address trauma needs. Although some regions of the state have excellent trauma care, gaps exist. Of the estimated 40,000 cases of major trauma each year in Georgia, only about 10,000 are treated in designated trauma centers. As a result Georgia”s trauma death rate is 20 percent higher than the national average.

GMC is proud to work closely with the Yes 2 Save Lives rally to urge Georgians to vote "yes" on Ballot Amendment Two, a constitutional amendment which creates a $10 car tag fee dedicated to funding trauma care. Funds collected will generate $80 million a year, which will go directly to support and improve Georgia”s trauma system.

To learn more about supporting Georgia”s trauma network or to RSVP to GMC Yes 2 Save Lives rally, call 678-312-4333.

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