Gwinnett Place Announces Opening of First U.S. Mega Mart

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More than two years since it was initially announced, Mega Mart is ready to open its doors to the public. The Korea-based company will celebrate the grand opening of its first US store at 9 a.m. on Friday, October 8 at Gwinnett Place. Founded in 1975, Mega Mart is part of the NongShim Corporation. The new store at Gwinnett Place joins a roster of 13 other locations – 10 in Korea and three in China.

With the ultimate goal of offering top-quality grocery items and a variety of family apparel, Mega Mart sources products from both the United States and Korea to guarantee a diverse inventory of exceptional products.

Store highlights:

Master bakers from Korea bake fresh breads – including French baguettes, bagels, mocha buns and other sweet treats – in-house daily. The word Basquia, the company”s name for the bakery section of the store, is derived from one of the master bakers of the past.

Prepared Meals
Mega Mart is pleased to offer wholesome, freshly prepared meals that will take the stress out of lunch or dinner. Mega Mart has worked with chefs to create original recipes for gourmet foods that will delight the taste buds. Two of the signature items are bibimbap and Shanghai dumplings. Bibimbap is a healthy dish of rice and saut##ed vegetables. Add sliced beef for a protein packed entr##e. Shanghai dumplings are handmade, steamed dumplings filled with a mixture of top-secret ingredients.

Sushi Counter
Guests are invited to sit at the sushi counter and watch master sushi chefs at work preparing fresh sashimi, nigiri and rolls. The counter is complete with a moving conveyer belt that travels in front of diners, from which they can select any variety of items.

Fresh Room
In order to ensure the absolute freshest produce possible, Mega Mart stores fruits and vegetables in a refrigerated Fresh Room. Produce stored in a temperature controlled environment in the store will have a longer shelf life once purchased.

The second floor of the store is entirely devoted to T.view clothing and accessories for women, men and children. Mega Mart strives to offer current American and Korean trends at an affordable price.

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