Gwinnett Schools Closed Thursday

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snowflakesOfficials with Gwinnett County Public Schools announced that schools will be closed Thursday due to icy road conditions.

In related news, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency urges drivers who have made it home safely “to please stay off the roads” until further notice.

Georgia DOT#echoed the remarks#as hazardous driving conditions continued Wednesday#throughout north Georgia.

Spokesperson Teri Pope said conditions#could#become worse#until temperatures get above freezing.#The Department advised the public to refrain from#driving unless#absolutely necessary.

Traffic hampered Georgia DOT crews from treating the roads and clearing incidents for much of Wednesday morning. The Department brought additional crews from other less-impacted areas of the state to Metro Atlanta#and#used private contractors to help catch up.

While icy areas remain this morning, Department officials are hopeful minimal traffic Wednesday will allow for a full recovery.

Crews are working throughout Northeast Georgia.

The following locations are hazardous and should be avoided until further notice: Gwinnett SR 20, SR 141, SR 316 especially bridges and I-85 south exit ramp to SR 141/Jimmy Carter Blvd and I-85 Collector Distributor ramps Pleasant Hill Road (Exit 105) to Old Peachtree Road (Exit 109)

Motorists are urged to:

Check weather conditions before you leaving and stay off the roads unless it is an emergency. Choose caution and stay where you are instead of driving in hazardous winter weather conditions today.#

Slow down and stay behind the snowplows. The road behind the plow will be the safest place to drive. Allow at least ten car lengths between your vehicle and snowplows or hopper spreaders.

Do not pass. The plows are wide, and sometimes a group of trucks will work in tandem to clear snow quickly, especially on major highways. Trucks spray salt and gravel – your vehicle will get damaged if you pull alongside trucks while they spread material on the roadway.

Be particularly aware of black ice conditions on surfaces such as bridge decks and entrance and exit ramps.

Remember that technology helps, but only to a point. Four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes and traction control are beneficial advancements in today”s cars, trucks and SUVs, but they can”t take the place of good driving habits and the need to reduce speed on snowy or icy roads.

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