Gwinnett Students Among First Medical School Class in Athens

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Ashley Austin (far right) studying with other first-year students

Education Update: University of Georgia

by Kirk McAlpin

When Ashley Austin applied to the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), she did not know that there was going to be an Athens campus, but is happy to be a part of the inaugural class and live within an hour of her family. “Athens is a great town,”# she said. “I wanted that big atmosphere of the football team and tail-gating, and that sort of thing.”#

For Austin, attending a medical program in its first year of operation brings a sense of excitement. “I feel good about my decision to come here. I would have made the same decision again,”# she said. “It”s an adventure.”#

Medical College of Georgia Partners with UGA to Educate Doctors in Athens

The idea for a medical campus in Athens gained traction in 2007, when state officials determined that more doctors needed to be trained in the state to boost the number of physicians. Georgia”s growing population is in need of doctors, and the state ranks 44th in the nation in number of physicians per capita, according to the American Medical Association. UGA partnered with the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) in Augusta in the effort to increase the number of doctors educated in Georgia. Forty students started their education at the new MCG/UGA Medical Partnership campus in August of 2010.

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