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Halloween Safety Tips

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Trick-or-treating. Probably the most looked-forward-to part of Halloween for children # when else can they wear scary and sometimes comical costumes and accumulate piles of candy? Halloween should be a fun and safe time for trick-or-treaters, and parents can help ensure that their kids remain safe on this “spooky” evening.

If your child is going out after dark, make sure a responsible adult accompanies them. If you have older children that are going out alone, plan a safe route for them, tell them to only visit familiar houses, and give them a time to be home. Remind your children to stay out of alleys and fields and to stay within well-lighted areas. Treats should only be accepted in doorways # advise your child to never go into the house. When your child gets home, check his candy before he eats it. If any are unwrapped, opened or if there”s fruit, do not let your child eat it.

Costume safety is also important. Whether store-bought or homemade, any costume should be made of flame-retardant material and be bright enough to show up in the dark. Your child”s costume also needs to have some kind of reflective tape on it for more noticeability. They can carry a flashlight or glow stick with them, but this shouldn”t replace the tape, as they may drop a flashlight and be left with nothing. Make sure their costume is not too long, otherwise they”ll trip over it. Don”t let them ride their bikes with their costumes on either, since the material can get caught up in the spokes. Facemasks are fun, but your child also should be able to see out of the mask. Eyeholes need to be large enough for peripheral as well as direct vision.

Give your child a fun and happy Halloween. For more information on trick-or-treating safety, visit

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