Happiness vs Joy – What”s the Difference?

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I don”t know about you, but the last few years have been quite a ride.# And not exactly a fun one – more like the egg-scrambler ride at Six Flags that starts out seeming like it”s going to be OK, then by the end you are trying not to throw up on your friend.

By nature of my business, I get to visit with all sorts of people on a daily basis.# For the most part what I see are two scenarios:# The first is the person that is just flat out exhausted.# They are working harder and harder for less return and are pretty much running on empty and at their wits end.# The other type I see are people who despite the current economic conditions are having some success; they are setting goals and achieving them.# But when I dig a little deeper, I learn they are feeling like the whole process is a little hollow and not quite the elation or deep satisfaction they were hoping for.

All this got me thinking about my own personal condition. Before the “fun”# of the last few years, I was a pretty happy girl.# I have a great husband and family, we had a little money in the bank, got to go on some nice vacations, had some nice stuff and were “living the dream” raising our family.# But here”s the problem with happiness – it”s pretty much contingent on the circumstances of my life.## If my circumstances change, so goes my degree of happiness. So what”s a girl to do?

There”s this other thing called JOY.# Joy is much deeper than happiness.# It has friends named passion and purpose and peace and contentment.# The path to JOY is a different path than that of happiness “it”s a whole other “process”#.# I have spent the last three years on a journey dissecting the two and getting down right anal about what it is and how in the heck do you get it?!

My Destiny Bound Retreat on April 29th is all about finding deep JOY.# Finding your true purpose and passion.# I have gathered some of the best minds (and hearts) on the topic and they are going to rock our world (in the best way of course!) If you decide to come, I want you to come with a high degree of expectation.# It”s time for a breakthrough – we”ve been wandering long enough.

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