Have your “best” vacation ever!

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Want to have a great vacation? Try these tips to increase your odds of having a great one.

Daydream a little first. Does your ideal vacation involve winter activities, sunning yourself on a beach, or exploring a big city and all of its delights? Dreaming about your rest and relaxation time can be almost as fun as the trip itself. Make time to think through the details and build up the anticipation.

Find out what your travel companions want to do, too. Don't just assume that what would be perfect for you would work for them, too. A happy group is a happy vacation.Try to reach a consensus in advance on what will make a great trip for all.

Do the research. Spend some time looking over guidebooks and Web sites for your possible destinations. Share them with your family. Once you narrow down the choices, call the chamber of commerce and the convention bureaus in those towns and ask for their recommendations. Knowing the lay of the land before you get there will improve your chances of being ecstatic.

Plan the activities you want to do, and then…halve it. That”s right. The best-planned trip still can have many things go wrong, so don”t put undue stress on your schedule by having too many time constraints. Remember, it”s a vacation.

A good rule of thumb is to plan one activity per day of travel. If you end up with extra time you can always squeeze in more stuff at the last minute if you have the energy for it.

Travel light. Pare down your travel wardrobe to a few essential pieces. Be light and be free!

Don”t forget to have fun! It should be a no-brainer, but remember to enjoy your trip. Even if some things go wrong, you can still have a fantastic vacation if you haven”t forgotten to pack a sense of humor.

Bon voyage, and hope these tips help you have the best vacation ever!

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