Healthcare”s Next Superstar

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“Ever since high school, I knew I wanted to do something in healthcare,” says Rahul Gunturi. After earning an undergraduate degree in biology from Georgia Tech in 2009, he set his sites on attending the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Georgia campus (GA-PCOM) in Suwanee. Gunturi began with a one-year certificate program in Biomedical Sciences, which lead to his transition into a doctorate of pharmacy.

After a long discussion with the Pharmacy School recruiter, he realized that being a pharmacist was a perfect fit. “The fact that GA-PCOM is so close to home, I have an established foundation in the Biomedical Sciences program and I could finish my education at the same university, I think that was pretty much a no brainer for me,” he says.

Gunturi now raves about his outstanding experience at GA-PCOM, in which he credits his peers and teachers. “Each student is very involved and wants to see each other succeed. I found out in both my programs, the students are really top notch and they try to help out as much as they can.”

He is also encouraged by the support he receives from his professors. “The Dean of the Pharmacy School, Dr. Okamoto, has implemented an open door policy, which means the students can talk to their professors about literally anything – whether it”s school, your life or your future.”

So what”s his advice for others interested in pharmacy? Make sure it”s the right fit first. He recommends shadowing community pharmacists for as long as you can to get a feel for the profession. “You have to really make sure this is exactly what you want to do. It”s a four year investment.”

With a solid educational foundation at hand, Gunturi hopes to one day to be the pharmacist his customers can count on and trust with all their medical needs. “As a pharmacist, I want to be someone”s friend and I want to be able to help them out with their medications, provide consultations and be able to help them through any problems they might have. My ultimate goal is to be an owner of a chain of independent pharmacies that would serve patients with the utmost customer service and professionalism.”