Help Keep Children Safe: Become a radKIDS Certified Instructor

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Photo courtesy of Keep GA Safe

Keep Georgia Safe, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to provide safety education and crime prevention training, is sponsoring radKIDS national instructor certification training Oct. 17-20, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Greater Atlanta Christian School.

This training is an excellent opportunity for elementary school P.E. teachers, health teachers, counselors, camp counselors, after-school teachers and parents that are willing to take the radKIDS program to the community. Participation can include attending, sending a representative(s) from your organization or by spreading the news to community centers, schools, nonprofits, and other family/child centered organizations.

Over the past 3 years, Keep Georgia Safe has sponsored radKIDS instructor certification for 67 teachers, counselors, community police officers and parents. Successful radKIDS programs are in place at Greater Atlanta Christian School, The Gwinnett Community School, Northside United Methodist Preschool, Johns Creek Community Police Department and King Springs Elementary School. Independent radKIDS instructors also hold programs in their respective communities.

For more information on application and sponsorship information, visit or
About radKIDS
radKIDS is the nation”s leading personal safety empowerment program for children ages 5-12 that provides hands-on learning for children on how to recognize, avoid, resist and escape violence, bullying, abduction and harm. Keep Georgia Safe, the Georgia non-profit organization dedicated to child safety and crime prevention, sponsors and facilitates radKIDS certified instructor training and program implementation into schools and community centers.

The radKIDS bullying prevention model curriculum combines self-esteem building with realistic physical skills to escape bullying violence, an epidemic that causes 160,000 children a day to stay home from school, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

The curriculum not only stops bullying behaviors, but also empowers children to stop violence physically when absolutely necessary — all with the intent to escape and then report, not hide, the encounter.# Current research indicates that the only effective way to stop a bully is to make them stop.

radKIDS is the only prevention program that teaches and empowers children to not only reject bullying in their lives, but to stop physical violence when necessary. The radKIDS curriculum is the foundation to changing the ineffective “zero tolerance”# policies in our schools to much more effective and expected policies of “zero victimization”.# Our children deserve the right to be safe in their education, and radKIDS empowers both the children and the educational system to truly stop the violence and victimization that has reached pandemic proportion in our schools today. To date, 73 children have used their radKIDS skills to escape an attempted abduction, and thousands more have escaped the bullying, abuse and violence in their live.

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