Her Family”s Role Model

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Jaimie, 2009

Heroes Project Update: Jaimie Mattox

Jaimie Mattox is a determined, young woman and survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Since we last visited with the 2009 Hero, she has been living the normal kid life. Embracing her passion for music, she sings in the school choir and has soaring grades, all A”s and B”s, which put her on the honor roll this year.

Jaimie remains cancer free and only has checkups once a year to track her blood counts. She is a long way from the two years of treatment and seven hospitals stays she endured during her battle with cancer. Now, she is a hero and role model to each person in her family. With her great attitude on life and loving heart, it is unnoticeable that she once battled cancer.

Jaimie, 2011

When asked the advice she would give to other individuals or families fighting cancer, she says, “Stay strong and never give up!” These are words Jaimie lives by and she prevails in every challenge that comes her way.

Jaimie and her family have participated in the Relay For Life the last fours years with plans to continue each year ahead. They have also made donations to a number of organizations that fund cancer awareness and research, such as Stand Up 2 Cancer and Children”s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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