Heroes Project 2014 – Susie Moe

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“I don”t let little things bother me” – Susie Moe

Friends of Susie Moe describe her as a positive influence in their lives whose refusal to bow down in the face of cancer is a continual inspiration. That strong personality trait was put to the test nine years ago as she faced a shocking diagnosis of stage one ovarian cancer. What started out as a stomach ache led to the discover and subsequent surgery and chemotherapy. “I was shocked and scared at first,” she said. “More than anything else, it was a shock for my family.”

The mother of three took a step back to recover while family members stepped in to help run the household. What she didn”t realize was that the positive outlook she held onto made her family strong. “There”s so much that can be accomplished with a positive attitude. You just look at all the doctor appointments and treatments as something you have to go through to get through it all.”

With this experience, Susie learned the gift of patience. “Now, having been through all of that, I don”t let little things bother me like I did before I got sick. I just try to remember what”s truly important: Enjoying my life and being surrounded by the people that I love.”

The 58-year-old Gwinnett County woman thanks God that the cancer was caught early, and she”s thankful to those around her for their help.

“I was blessed to have good medical care, a good support system and the help of those around me.”

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