Hiring the Best, For the Best!

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It”s spring, and teacher recruitment season is in high gear in Gwinnett County Public Schools!

Although seeking, interviewing, and hiring new teachers is a year-round activity in Georgia”s largest school system, our Human Resources Division turns it up a notch in the spring and summer months to ensure we have a certified, qualified teacher in every classroom when the new school year rolls around.

We need to hire about 1,500 new teachers each year to provide for an enrollment that will grow by over 4,000 students, as well as to fill vacancies resulting from retirements, life changes, and normal employee attrition. We have always been able to fully staff our schools by opening day, and that is no easy feat.

In March and November, "Teacher Job Fairs" are held that attract thousands of applicants. Our HR staff also visit colleges all over the country seeking the best and brightest candidates for Gwinnett”s classrooms. Their goal is to make sure principals have a rich pool of quality candidates to interview for teaching positions in their schools.

At a time when teacher shortages are a critical concern in Georgia and across the nation, we are in good shape in Gwinnett County Public Schools. There are a number of reasons why. According to a 2007 Gallup Teacher

Insight survey, our location in metro Atlanta is a definite plus, followed closely by the school system”s reputation for excellence.

Teachers also know that in choosing GCPS, they are joining a winning team. The system has an enviable record of academic achievement, award-winning teacher development programs, and a Quality-Plus Leader Academy to train educators who aspire to be principals. Additionally, Gwinnett”s benefits and compensation package is an attractive one, averaging almost $72,000 for a teacher with a master”s degree and 10 years” experience.

GCPS also is known for its commitment to the personal and professional development of new teachers through a comprehensive orientation, mentoring by master teachers, and ongoing opportunities for continual growth on the job.

The state”s Professional Standards Commission reported in 2007 that we are the number one destination for Georgia teachers looking to transfer to a new district.

Five times the recipient of Gwinnett Magazine”s "Best Employer" distinction, Gwinnett County Public Schools is proud to claim the finest teaching corps in the business. Our best resources are our human resources, and we intend to ensure that we continue to attract the best teachers in the business… for our system of world-class schools.