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I Can”t Drive 55

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, two out of five deaths among teenagers in the United States are the result of a motor vehicle crash. Citizens of Gwinnett were so concerned with this #epidemic# that they created the Gwinnett County Teen Traffic Tragedies Task Force to help combat the problem.

The task force, an organization that was active only from the mid #80s to the mid #90s, asked the CDC#s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control to help them obtain data to shape prevention efforts in the county. The study of Gwinnett County teens revealed modifiable risk factors and behaviors that increased the risk for crashes. According to the CDC, three behaviors were associated with an increased risk for accidents: driving 20 mph over the speed limit, passing a car in a no-passing zone and taking risks while driving because it makes driving more fun.

Data like this prompted changes in Gwinnett County, as well as the entire state, as the new teen driving safety law became effective January 1 of 2002. The following provisions are included in the law:

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