I Want, I Want, I Want!

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Who loves you, baby? If you”re not the first one on that list, then it”s time to lavish a bit of attention and pampering on number one – you!

It”s okay to indulge yourself. After all, you work hard all day to meet the needs-and wants-of others. Treat yourself and go after the little (or big!) things in life that you really want. Whether it”s the luxury of some time spent in a spa rejuvenating and relaxing, the thrill of a new ride, or the brilliance of some bling-bling dangling on your neck, don”t deprive yourself.

Make an "I want" list and give in to your whims. Need some ideas? We”ll help you along with some great ideas for your wish list-filled with the big boy toys and girly girl perks that you deserve!


I want… more power

Little boys have always dreamed of fast cars. And that fascination doesn”t end when boys turn to men. To satiate your desire for speed and power, go to Hayes Chrysler in Lawrenceville to scope out their latest SRT series.

The series, which includes compact cars as well as large sports vehicles, is a high performance line sure to fulfill your need for speed.

"It”s a high horse power, road handling car," said Mike Hayes, owner of Hayes Chrysler.

The series pinnacle is the 300C, an exclusive car for the serious driver. "We can”t get enough of those. It”s a low production vehicle. They don”t make a lot of them so that makes them special," Hayes said. "They have the high horsepower, real heavy-duty sports car suspension, 20-inch wheels, and viper breaking system."

Want more features? Opt for the navigation system, side air bags and back up indicators.

For more information on SRT, go to

I want… to impress my neighbors

No one really wants to keep up with the Jones”. The truth is, most people would rather outdo them! Turn heads in your neighborhood with a custom golf cart to drive you to the mailbox, pool or to chat with friends.

Davis Golf Cart in Sugar Hill caters to high-end neighborhoods with custom designed gas or electric carts. For roughly five grand, you can be the envy of the neighborhood.

"People ride them around their subdivision and they ride them to the pool. It is becoming more popular, and they all want to outdo each other," said Ronnie Davis, owner.

Not just for playing golf anymore, an exclusive golf cart is a true luxury item that is quickly gaining popularity. It”s also a convenience item, and because it can be customized to show your personality and flair, it is high in demand.