“I Will Make A Difference, Will You?”

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For Gary Martin Hays, giving back to the community isn”t just important – it”s a way of life. The same attorney that has a reputation for fighting for people in the courtroom is also fighting for people in his community through a foundation he started called, "I Will Make A Difference."

Hays formed the foundation after working as a personal injury attorney, where he became dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives after tragedy. The goal of the effort is to empower individuals, so they can learn that they already have the power to make a difference in the communities in which they live.

The inspiration for the project came from Gary”s brother, Chuck, who lost a seven-year battle with cancer and a former employee, Chez Chapman, who spent 11 years battling cancer. "From our personal losses, we just didn”t feel like we were doing enough to help, so we decided to use our resources to encourage people to volunteer or donate money," Hays says.

The I Will Make A Difference foundation works with the Dream House for Medically Fragile Children and Relay for Life to raise money and awareness. In fact, Hays and his friends are well known in the community for their Big Wheel Rides, events in which they ride adult-sized big wheels to raise money for the charities they support.

Hays Sponsors First-Ever Kids Walk at Gwinnett”s Relay for Life
At this year”s Relay for Life, Hays and the I Will Make a Difference foundation members are sponsoring this year”s Kids Walk. The walk will be for children affected by cancer and their friends. The purpose is to give children that attend the event a better understanding for what the event is all about. Special guests, Maximus and Minimus, from the Gwinnett Gladiators, will also be a part of the walk.

"Parents that leave their kids at home when they participate in a charity event are really doing a disservice to them," Hays says. "Children that learn to have compassion for the community when they are young, become adults who give back. When you volunteer, it becomes part of who you are. I think it”s important for kids to learn at a young age that they can make a difference, too."

Giving to Dream House
While Relay for Life was the first charity I Will Make A Difference supported, the foundation soon felt it was important to expand their efforts to help other organizations. Last year, the group decided to add Dream House to their mission.

"When my brother was sick, I gained first-hand knowledge of what it means to have to provide constant care to someone," Hays says. "It breaks my heart to think that there are kids out there who can”t transition out of hospitals or adult nursing homes because their parents can”t afford the equipment, training or home modifications needed to bring these children home."

Hays decided his I Will Make A Difference foundation was the perfect way to raise some awareness for the Dream House for Medically Fragile Children, an organization dedicated to increasing opportunities for medically fragile children to live in stable, permanent home environments through the development of support resources and programs.

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