Innovative Care Customized to the Patient Needs

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Dr.RozinFor Dr. Spencer Rozin, direct patient care and open communication are cornerstones to his practice. “I focus on the whole person – medical history, risk factors, medications and current lifestyle – before I make any recommendations or issue a prescription,” he says.

Whether it”s a child seeking medical insight for their aging parent or a CEO looking to fit an appointment in between business hours, Dr. Rozin customizes the care he provides based upon the individual. “I have patients from out-of-state that seek my services as well as generations of families I”ve been seeing for years, my medical approach allows me to meet most of their healthcare needs.” His practice offers on-time appointments, availability when patients need to be seen and direct contact to him on his cell phone after hours. He”s also able to admit his patients to the hospital and follow them through their course of stay.

With more than 20 years of medical experience and Internal Medicine residency completed at Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Rozin is specially trained to treat a wide range of illnesses and diseases. His key to keeping his patients healthy is focusing on preventive medicine and wellness. He offers comprehensive medical assessments to each new patient. The assessment provides the patient with a variety of patient screenings to uncover any preexisting conditions. “I believe in taking an active role in maintaining my patient”s health to ensure they experience a good quality of life now and in the long term,” he says.

About Us
Rozin Internal Medicine provides personal medical care in an unrushed atmosphere where the patient is the priority. With more than 20 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Spencer Rozin focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and management of adult medical problems. Dr. Rozin believes that a comprehensive health assessment is key to preventing long-term medical problems and leading healthy life.

How We Serve
We believe in one-on-one relationships built upon understanding, trust and mutual respect. We limit our number of patients so we can spend the necessary time with each. We believe treating each person as an individual helps us provide the best healthcare available.

What”s on the Horizon in Gwinnett
As Gwinnett grows daily, we”re the practice of choice for many busy executives and residents looking for personalized care. We plan to continue to provide the most comprehensive medical care in Gwinnett for many years to come.

How We Standout
Most internal medicine physicians have 3,000-4,000 patients, which can lead to long waits, rushed visits or waiting several days for an appointment. With our smaller practice size, your wait time is minimized and appointments are easy to schedule and consistently start on time.

What We”ve Achieved
We strive to provide the highest quality medical care by offering a comprehensive approach to disease prevention, detection and health management. Our goal is to aggressively attempt to prevent illnesses before they develop, as well as care for our patients with the best treatments available.

What”s Next
Insurance companies limit your doctor”s time with one-size-fits-all medical care delivered by non-physicians. The benefits of our practice place you first. Dr. Rozin wants to be your personal doctor, providing you the respect and care you desire and deserve.

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