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Robomower is an electric, robotic lawn mower that cuts your lawn for you while you do something # anything # else! Sleep, read a book, spend time with the kids. You don#t have to #watch# or control this mower at all. For more information visit www.robomower-store.com

You don#t have to give up cookouts on the deck or cocktails on the patio now that it#s winter. Just install a Deck & Patio Hearth to keep warm and toasty while you entertain guests year round. Utilizing the latest gas technology, there#s no bonfire-building catastrophes or messy clean up, just flip the switch and enjoy. Visit www.fire-science.com to learn more.

Wouldn#t you love always having a clean floor without having to push the vacuum every single day? Check out the Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans nearly all household floor surfaces without human direction. Place it in the middle of the room, turn it on, push a button and walk away. Goes under beds, sofas and can operate completely unattended. Check out www.roombavac.com.

Getting dinner on the table at a decent hour just got easier with the Polara Refrigerated Range by Whirlpool. It#s an oven that can act like a refrigerator. Pop a casserole in the oven in the morning, and it keeps your meal cool until it begins cooking at the exact time you specify. When done, it keeps dinner warm until you get home. Find out more at www.polar.whilrpool.com.

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