Integrated Therapy: Sets the Standard for Aquatic Physical Therapy in Metro Atlanta

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Integrated TherapyThe use of water”s healing properties started centuries ago. These same properties are used today by Integrated Therapy, LLC to rehabilitate those suffering from a variety of diagnoses, including muscle and joint pain and conditions like Parkinson”s disease and fibromyalgia.# Integrated Therapy opened its doors in 2000 and over the past 12 years, this outpatient aquatic physical therapy business has helped numerous patients return to doing the things they enjoy most!

Aquatic therapy decreases joint compression forces as a result of the water”s buoyancy and reduces swelling through hydrostatic pressure. The therapists at Integrated Therapy are skilled at utilizing the properties of water to address each patient”s individual needs.

Part of what sets the care at Integrated Therapy apart is the individual approach clinicians take with each patient, Harriet Adams, owner, says. After undergoing a thorough evaluation with a physical therapist, each patient works with a therapist in the pool to attain his or her individual goals. Adams says, “We are in the pool, one-on-one with the patient using our hands and using our clinical skills”#

Integrated Therapy contracts with several insurance carriers and continues to be the only aquatic physical therapy provider for Kaiser Permanente of Georgia, a relationship that has been in place for the past 10 years. The company has 7 locations available to serve its patients” needs, including locations on the MARTA line.

Harriet Adams takes pride in sharing her extensive aquatic physical therapy knowledge and experience with each therapist at Integrated Therapy. Each therapist received postgraduate continuing education in order to remain abreast of cutting edge treatment techniques while they strive to ensure patients get the functional outcomes for which they are hoping.

Adams is co-author of the book “Aquatic Exercise Toolbox.”# She was also a traveling lecturer with the American Physical Therapy Association speaking nationally about the benefits of aquatic therapy. In the future, Adams hopes to continue to impact the lives of every patient that comes through the doors of Integrated Therapy, LLC, through excellent customer service and attention to each patient”s individual needs.

For more information, visit or call (404) 846-0899

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