Interactive College of Technology Offers Individualized Instruction

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Interactive College of Technology principally utilizes an individualized computer-based educational system (commonly referred to as competency-based education) that has evolved over the past twenty years. This method increases the skill competency of a student each day. This system offers the student exceptional learning flexibility in the most modern, time-efficient, cost-effective manner.

Through individualized instruction, each course can be somewhat tailored to meet the individual needs of
students. The low student/instructor ratio enables the instructor to be constantly available for assistance.

This style of instruction allows the student to learn new concepts and use this new knowledge in application exercises. Learning by doing is the most practical way to master and reinforce new skills and knowledge. Students are learning hands-on throughout the entire learning process and requires constant involvement from both the student and the instructor.

Interactive College of Technology offers a wide range of programs for students wanting to prepare for new career or advance in an existing line of work.#All programs are designed for adult learners of all ages who are best served through a hands-on, interactive approach to education.#The institution is one of the nation”s leaders in computerized training.

Associate Degrees:
The technology explosion has created the need for highly trained and educated paraprofessionals and technicians. In a service economy reliant on technology and information management, a wealth of opportunity exists for persons who have more than a high school education but less than a Baccalaureate Degree.

”   #Computer Information Systems Technology

”   #Office Technology

Diploma Programs:
For those that are seeking training with specific career objectives or who want to enter or re-enter the work force in the shortest time possible, the institution offers a variety of short-term program options.

”   #Accounting and Automated Office

”   #Business Information Management

”   #Administrative Support Systems

”   #HVAC

”   #Information Technologies Specialist

”   #Medical Coding and Billing

”   #Medical Office Administrative Specialist

Continuing Education:

”   #TOEFL Preparation

”   #Speaking and Listening

”   #Reading and Writing

”   #Advanced Pronunciation and Conversation

English as a Second Language:
The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at ICT is considered one of the most comprehensive, most complete programs in the United States, with students attending from over 100

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