Junk Food Rules

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When kids get home from school, they are usually hungry and ready to raid the refrigerator for a snack. While the easy way to handle this daily occurrence is to buy prepackaged chips, cookies and juice, those really aren”t the healthiest options. Poor snacking choices can contribute to an extra 200 calories consumed each day and to childhood obesity. Children who suffer from obesity frequently experience health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They are also known to have poor self-esteem and suffer from depression.

Skip the calorie-ridden snacks and sugar-filled juice drinks. Instead, offer your kids healthy, delicious snack options. Here are a few, easy suggestions:

Light Popcorn – Just don”t add any extra salt or butter.

Granola/Granola Bars – Check the calorie content and make sure these snacks aren”t made with candy bar pieces and extra sugar.

Natural Cheese Sticks – String cheese is fun food that can be paired with fruit or eaten alone.

Frozen Fruit Bars/ Fudgesicles – These frozen treats are perfect for kids. Sugar-free Fudgesicles contain only 35 calories and some brands of frozen fruit bars have pieces of real fruit in them.

Fruit Smoothies – Have fun making this treat with healthy fruit and maybe a little honey for sweetness.

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