Just Say NO

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I”ve been saying “no”# to a lot of good things lately. #The truth is, I think I say “no”# to about 95 percent of the requests that come across my desk. So why would I do that? #Because one of the biggest things I”ve learned this year is that “good is the enemy of great.”#

So often I see people trying so hard to do it all. #I am so sympathetic — that used to be me! What I”ve come to realize is that you can have it all – you just can”t have it all right now. #I used to have these big dreams for myself and my business – and I still do. But now I understand that I don”t have to achieve all my goals this year. #I”d rather enjoy the journey, and not be a raving lunatic. #My family much prefers this, too. Recognize the seasons of life and enjoy them. Right now, I am in a season of being an incredible homebody. #Nothing makes me happier than a weekend at home, grilling out with my husband, playing in the cul-de-sac with my daughter and friends. Am I missing out on some good stuff? #Yeah, for sure – but it just so happens that what I”m doing – at least for me – is the better, greater thing. And I”m living in the moment, really enjoying what I”m doing instead of thinking about what I”m missing.

This is true in my work life as well. This year alone I said “no”# to rejoining some wonderful service clubs and involvement on many good and worthy boards. At first glance, I could have talked myself in. After all, a “good person”# would be involved and I “should”# do more. Yet, I”m learning as I trust God more with His plans for my life, I”m saying “no”# to a lot of really good things and it”#s making room for the great. This year, I am about 90 percent finished with my book, which I think will help others find more peace, purpose, passion and joy in their lives. I”m much more involved in my church and make myself available to help there whenever needed. #I”m leading a Bible study and making time to share my faith more with friends and acquaintances. I don”t know exactly where I”m headed, but I have this peace that I”m on the right track and investing my time in the right places every day.

Saying “no”# to the good and trusting that God has something great in store has allowed me to work on the truly important, even if others may wonder what the heck I”m doing.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”#
Isaiah 43:18-19

If I”m being honest, I have to check myself periodically and ask – am I really serving God or man? Am I seeking to puff up myself and look good to others or am I seeking to do God”s will? Focusing on an audience of One has made all the difference in the pace and satisfaction in my life. Especially as we approach the holiday season, I challenge you to just say “no”# to many good things and deeply enjoy the great gifts that God has given you.

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