Let”s Go Fishing!

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by Jan Agnello

In a day and age when we”re looking for ways to connect with ourselves, our family and especially our kids, there is something so alluring about going fishing. As a member of the “never been fishin'” crowd, I have envied those who know the thrill of reeling one in. But before running out to buy a tackle box full of lures and a fishing pole, I figured it couldn”t hurt to ask some questions. So to ferret out my friends that know something about fishing, I posed this question on Facebook, “Anyone got any good fish tales?”

Within minutes, I had more than twenty responses and it seemed everyone had a good fish tale but me. I was hooked. I responded by telling everyone I was heading out to Bass Pro Shop for a “tie a fly” demonstration and to ask some advice about where I could go fishing. Then an invitation came from my friend Terry, a retired teacher. “If you really want to catch a fish, I can take you out to a private pond in Social Circle where you will always catch a fish.”

Now, mind you, I couldn’t think of anyone who would make a better fishing instructor than Terry. Besides, always amusing, Terry”s the queen of the Southern saying — like the one she loves to use to describe when my son got sick in her classroom, “It was like a cow peeing on a flat rock!”

Terry arrived at my house mid-morning with her grown son Steve, his wife Tracy and Terry”s two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter Kayla in tow. The back of the SUV was loaded with enough fishing poles for all of us. She laughed when she took a good look at me and said I was way overdressed for going fishing – but the way I figured it, a girl can”t leave the house without her makeup on, right?

I wondered if it was an omen when we pulled up to the bait and tackle shop and a sign on the door read, “Closed.”

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