Little Girl Makes a Big Difference for Hurting Kids Across the Globe

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When 10-year-old Amelia Bernhardt began to think about how hard life can be for 10 year old girls in many countries, a desire to help grew in her heart.

“I had been thinking about how blessed I am – that I get a good education, good food and I am free to become whatever I want to be.# I learned that girls my age in Nepal and other places, had to stay out of school to work or marry, even though they were children.# My mother suggested that I see what I could do to help a Georgia nonprofit that works to equip girls around the world.# She Is Safe (SIS) helps about 20,000 women and girls in some of the hardest places have the freedom and skills to build new lives.”#

She Is Safe leader, Michele Rickett, shared with Amelia that most illiterate people are girls.# Females make up 70 percent of illiterates, 70 percent of the poor and 80 percent of people who are sold from country to country. And they need people to speak up for them, and help them.

Amelia wanted to help, but she needed a big idea to match her big heart.# Finally, her big idea came: Read to Rescue. #Amelia dreamed to see kids across the United States become sponsored SIS readers. The funds they raise would go to equip girls who needed a chance to grow and develop.

Read to Rescue invites kids to sign up sponsors for the number of books they read over a month. Instead of playing video games or watching TV, kids read and read – to help other kids.# The donations they raise help to free and empower girls where the average girl needs our help – places like Nepal, Mali, Sudan and other places.

It takes about $30 a month each year to free and empower one girl with She Is Safe (SIS).# So, if a child asks sponsors to donate $5 for each book they read, and they read 6 books, that equals one month of new skills for a girl.# If they get 12 sponsors, that”s a whole year of equipping for one girl.# So simple.# So super!

See Amelia”s Read to Rescue video on the She Is Safe website.# Download the sponsor sheet, get your reader number, and get the super kids you know to start reading to rescue.

For more information, go to or call (770) 552-1400.