Local Cottage Industry Beauty Products

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BeautyRinse Bath and Body Company (Monroe)
Rinse offers a complete line of natural handmade products:# soaps, deodorants, lip balms, lotions, sprays, scrubs, even dog shampoo!# The products are made in Monroe but are available in many shops locally and nationwide.

Click on “Find us”# or order from the web site: www.rinsesoap.com

Scrubbles Soap (Lawrenceville)
Patti Owen has manufactured hand-milled soaps in her home since 2001.# After a course in soap-making, she sold her first batch to a health care shop, and business grew from there.

Her wide variety of soaps and gift baskets is available online or at local businesses. www.scrubblessoap.com

Nail Butter (Athens)
Christina Cole cites her interest in sustainability as an incentive for developing her line of all-natural cruelty-free nail butter. After about 8-10 days” use, Nail Butter”s essential oils, beeswax and lanolin will strengthen and nourish nails while enhancing growth.

Nail Butter is available for purchase at www.nailbutter.com

Mama Bath and Body (Atlanta)
Among Mama”s offerings are soaps, bath salts, and candles, and classes in beginning soap making are available periodically. In 2009 Mama expanded its cottage industry to a shop in Decatur.

For ordering information, sample packs, selection (by product or scent), and class schedules, see www.loveyourmama.com