Local Filmmakers Rise to the Top

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For Gwinnettians Nathan McGill and Vincent Vittorio, their documentary filmmaking dreams have become reality with their company, Life is My Movie Entertainment and their latest film, American Made Movie.
Vincent Vittorio (left) and Nathan McGill

Lights. Camera. Action! Many of us can only imagine being a great filmmaker like Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese. However, for Gwinnettians, Nathan McGill and Vincent Vittorio, their documentary filmmaking dreams have become reality with their company, Life is My Movie Entertainment and their latest film, American Made Movie.

Life is My Movie Entertainment was founded in 2001 by Vittorio and has been producing thoughtful, innovative independent films and documentaries for over a decade. Whether the topic is political, social, or purely for entertainment, Life is My Movie works to find the “story.”#

“I started Life is My Movie when I was an undergraduate because I felt I needed a name that set me apart from being a solo filmmaker. Fast forward several years, I returned to Atlanta for a theatrical premiere of my film Little Men and that”s when Nathan and I reconnected,”# says Vittorio.

McGill and Vittorio”s friendship goes all the way back to their Dacula High School days. And, although McGill didn”t join Life is My Movie until 2006, he was able to bring a whole new perspective to the company.

“When we talked, I realized Vincent was taking filmmaking in a whole different direction. I was primarily working with Christian organizations as a live event director. So when Vincent and I decided to partner together, we found we could blend my business and corporate experience with his filmmaking knowledge,”# says McGill.

Both McGill and Vittorio moved full steam ahead with Life is My Movie, opening their office headquarters in Downtown Lawrenceville and working on multiple documentaries. From 2006 to 2008, the company experienced steady growth, hired 12 employees, and expanded their professional and entertainment divisions.

Unfortunately, with the economy starting its downward spiral, the company had experienced lay-offs and eventually closed it”s professional division. Enduring a stressful tax season, the two partners began to talk about a documentary that dealt with the topic head on. An Inconvenient Tax, a film that discusses the history, problems and solutions of the U.S. Tax Code, began to change the way both McGill and Vittorio approached filmmaking.

By 2009, the Lawrenceville office was closed, the employees were gone, and McGill and Vittorio were working 20-hour days completing the editing of the documentary. It would seem that their latest film was going to survive, but it would mean they both would have to take jobs elsewhere while they waited for the documentary to get off the ground.

In 2011, McGill and Vittorio finally received the news of their lives. Warner Bros. Digital Distribution announced that it would be acquiring An Inconvenient Tax. The film was available for Video-on-Demand streaming in 60 million households and gained so much traction that Netflix bought the rights.

AMMredwhiteblu-202x300The partners were ecstatic and started working on their next project. McGill, who grew up in a manufacturing family and recently learned how Gwinnett”s economic and workforce development worked, began exploring the idea of a documentary called American Made Movie.

American Made Movie explores the decline of the American manufacturing workforce and illustrates that, through consumerism, everyone can be part of building a better future. So whether it”s a large corporation or a small entrepreneur start up, we want explore the ups and downs of these businesses and their employees in this film. This gave our audience an emotional attachment to the issue,”# says McGill.

For the last two years, McGill and Vittorio co-produced and directed American Made Movie and resurrected their company and the projects they have in development.
Today, American Made Movie has hit the road on a 32-day bus tour that began at the Gwinnett Braves” stadium, Coolray Field, on July 5. The film will be released in theaters nationally starting August 30, 2013.

“We feel we can introduce this film to different communities in America to make people aware that this topic is significant enough to take notice. Everyone wants to know what they can do to make a positive economic impact and this film gives them the answer,”# says Vittorio.

For more information on American Made Movie, Life is My Movie Entertainment or the filmmaking duo”s other upcoming projects, visit