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Look and Feel Fabulous … FAST!

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Smile, Laugh and Get Happy: It takes less than 20 seconds to smile, but the effect could be worth the effort! Ask yourself, "What is fantastic about today?"

Sing It Up: Sing or listen to 20 seconds of the chorus of your favorite song. You can”t help but feel better after that.

Inhale Some Lavender: Studies show that lavender has relaxing effects. Try applying some lavender lotion before you hop in the bed. You”ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Make Plans with Someone Younger Than You: Hanging out with young people keeps you young and sassy.

Make Someone Else Feel Good: Compliment someone else on his or her fashion efforts. You”ll feel good because you made that person feel good!

Spanx It: Slip on some High-falutin” Footless with Lace hosiery from Spanx, and you can easily create a flawless shape under those summer white pants.

Order Dessert: Small chocolate desserts never hurt anyone and can be an instant mood lifter. And, don”t worry about gaining weight. Remember, you”ve got Spanx for that!

Decide What You”ll Do for You: At the beginning of each week, think of one thing you”ll do for yourself that week. If you take 20 seconds to figure out what and when, you”ll be more likely to do it.

Embrace Color: A quick dab of lip-gloss with a light tint and some blush can instantly brighten up your complexion.

Sprinkle Salt: Take time to add some bath salts to your bath water to help flush lactic acid from those tired muscles.

Exfoliate: Removing dead skin cells does wonders. Try it twice a week in the summer and daily in the winter to maintain healthy looking skin.

You Know You Want It: We”re willing to bet there”s at least one thing you”ve been dying to order. Whether it”s cute shoes or a polka-dot bikini, hop online and order it already!

Those Boots are Made for Walking: Decide to wear those super cute shoes in your closet – even if they are still in the box and waiting for just the right occasion. Come on! Didn”t you buy them for a reason?

Wear Your Standby Outfit: Keep one outfit in your closet that”s ironed and ready to walk out the door. It should be something that you feel good wearing, so if you”re late for work, or just hate the contents of your closet that day, you”ll be dressed in under 20 seconds!

Just Say "No" to Caffeine: While it can be a quick pick-me-up, it can also be a fast let-me-down. Drink some water, and you”ll feel better all day.

Check In on Your Best Gal Pal: Heck, we know you”re busy, but a quick email can be done in less than 20 seconds, and you”ll feel more connected.

Don”t Rinse: Several shampoo companies have designed shampoos that you don”t have to rinse out. Lather on for a few seconds and towel dry. Perfect for an after-the-gym refreshment.

Borrow a Cute Outfit: Raid your friend”s closet – with permission – for something new to wear without spending any money.

Get Outdoors: Walk outside and stretch for 20 seconds! Your skin will like being kissed by the sun. Speaking of kissing …Okay, we”ll leave that one to your imagination!

Banish Uneven Skin Tones: Dust on some face powder to reduc

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