Low-Cost IVF Helps Couples Achieve Dreams of Parenthood

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This is the story of two American middle-class couples who faced what for many is an insurmountable obstacle in the path to build a family: infertility. Both families, though, had the unwavering determination to conceive a baby.

For Amy Rodiguez, the struggle with infertility began shortly after marriage, and lasted almost six years. Amy found it difficult to believe that something that should be so natural turned into the main obstacle of her life. After trying to get pregnant and failing, Amy first experimented with the simple and inexpensive things to help, but nothing happened.

After a while, the couple knew they needed help, and tried assisted reproduction or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).# The couple soon realized that this was an expensive treatment. They spent almost $30,000 on IVF treatments, but still, there was no baby.

“I don”t know if you have this amount of money in your banking account,”# says Amy, “but it is good money that could be used on home renovations, to buy a car or other things.”# After spending this amount, there was no more money for the next rounds of IVF. The couple lost almost lost all hope of achieving their dream.

There was no more money for IVF, and Amy”s dream of having her own biological baby started to dissipate. The experience was devastating, but she didn”t give up.

“My husband said to just leave it up to nature,”# says Amy. “But I knew that something should be done. I wanted to build my own family”#. Then her persistence paid off: she heard of a couple of doctors offering a low-cost IVF treatment.

This situation brought hope again, and soon Amy had an appointment with Dr Joe Massey.# Many consider pregnancy a miracle, and this time the miracle happened. Today, Amy is thirteen weeks pregnant.

Two factors were important in achieving Amy”s pregnancy: her persistence and low-cost yet high-quality IVF treatment. After spending so much time and money on IVF treatments, Amy was extremely familiar with the steps and procedures in IVF. She felt confident when she realized that the lower-cost IVF was exactly the same as the expensive ones!

Jessica and Jonathan Mayweather are another couple who desperately wanted a baby. They had been trying for three years. Like Amy, Jessica tried all the possible options before IVF.

Jessica describes herself as an action-oriented and positive person. She has always loved babies, and it was hard to accept that she was facing an obstacle that could prevent her from having a child of her own.

With the detail-orientation of a nurse and a teacher, Jessica looked into IVF options and she started her research, browsing endless internet reviews, calling clinics and asking questions. She even developed a whole binder on all her research.

Jessica looked in town, and as far away as St Louis for options in IVF. She wanted to be absolutely sure that everything was going to be safe and effective. Based on this extensive research, she found a perfect combination: a very qualified pair of doctors and a low-cost IVF procedure, almost half the cost as the other options!

After talking with her husband, her mom and family, she decided to move forward. Jessica had her first appointment that same week. She was more than ready for IVF, and shortly after she started the assisted reproduction procedure, she got pregnant.

Jessica took several pregnancy tests. She was thrilled when she learned she was pregnant. After the doctor”s confirmation of her pregnancy, she felt like telling everyone.

Both women pursued their dreams of having a baby, and found the medical expertise they needed. Their advice for others? “Do your research and don”t give up! And the earlier you find help, the better.”# Jessica and Amy are looking forward to holding their little ones in their arms very soon – thanks to the Servy Massey Fertility Institute.

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Joe B. Massey and Dr. Edouard Servy from Servy and Massey Fertility Institute ( have helped thousands of couples build their families when dealing with infertility issues. A graduate of Emory University and Emory Medical School, Dr. Massey built a sizable following of fertility patients in Atlanta for many years before moving to New York State. Now he”s joined forces with Dr. Servy, who came to Augusta in 1969 for a research fellowship in reproductive endocrinology at the Medical College of Georgia, As well-known pioneers in IVF, Dr. Massey and Dr. Servy now offer a low-cost IVF solution for hopeful parents-to-be in the Southeast. “There have been many exciting advances in IVF since 1979. It works well now,”# says Dr. Massey, “but 75% of the people who need it are facing a financial barrier. The next big advance will be in making it available to more people.”# The Servy Massey Fertility Institute was founded on the idea that fertility treatment should be more accessible.

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