Make Gwinnett Greener and Cleaner – Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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The Gwinnett community continues its annual tradition of Christmas Tree Recycling through Georgia”s “Bring One for the Chipper Program.” The annual tradition of Christmas Tree Recycling began in 1984 as a partnership between Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, 13 local governments, Georgia Power and Jackson EMC to reduce the illegal dumping of trees on roadsides. Since the beginning of the program, it is estimated that more than 1,300,000 trees have been recycled and diverted from landfills.

Residents are encouraged to give back to nature and bring their Christmas tree, stripped of all lights and decorations, to one of approximately 30 local drop-off locations listed below between December 26 and January 16. Artificial trees will not be accepted.

In addition to providing an easy and environmentally conscious tree disposal solution for residents, recycled trees will be put to good use through the creation of valuable mulch. Most of the mulch will be used to help beautify Gwinnett County parks.# Precious landfill space will also be saved as the average Christmas tree weighs twenty pounds and fills up almost as much landfill space as a washing machine.

Once the trees are collected from the drop-off locations, community volunteers will chip them into mulch at the “Bring One for the Chipper”# event, scheduled for Saturday, January 21, from 9 a.m. – noon, at Bethesda Park in Lawrenceville.# Residents interested in volunteering at this event should visit the Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful website at www.gwinnettcb.org or call 770-822-5187. All volunteers must be at least 12 years of age to participate.

Annually, Gwinnettians recycle one out of every five Christmas trees recycled in Georgia.# For the past eight years we have recycled the most trees in the state.# Placed end to end, the trees collected in Gwinnett last year would stretch from Norcross to Forsyth, GA.# More than 30,000 trees were recycled last year; however, due to the economy, we expect fewer trees this year.

Participating drop-off locations are listed below, and on the Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful website, www.gwinnettcb.org.

Tree Drop-Off Sites in Gwinnett County

Fire Station 14, 1600 Highway 23, 30518
Fire Station 24, 2735 Mall of GA Blvd., 30519
Fire Station 29, 2800 Thompson Mill Rd, 30519

Fire Station 16, 195 Dacula Rd.,30019
Fire Station 17, 2739 Brooks Rd.,30019
Fire Station 27, 2825 Old Fountain Rd.,30019

Fire Station 5, 3001 Old Norcross Rd.,30096
Fire Station 7, 3343 Bunton Rd, 30096
Fire Station 19, 3275 N. Berkeley Lake Rd., 30096

Fire Station 8, 2295 Brannan Rd.,30017

Fire Station 18, 1515 Mineral Springs Rd, 30548

Fire Station 9, 1900 Five Forks-Trickum Rd.,30044
Fire Station 15, 275 S. Perry St.,30046
Fire Station 20, 1801 Cruse Rd.,30044
Fire Station 25, 3575 Lawrenceville Hwy.,30044

Fire Station 2, 12 Harmony Grove Rd.,30047
Fire Station 3, 4394 Five Forks-Trickum Rd.,30047
Fire Station 22, 2180 Stone Dr.,30047

Fire Station 28, 3725 Rosebud Rd.,30052
Fire Station 30, 1052 Ozora Rd, 30052

Fire Station 1, 165 Lawrenceville St.,30071
Fire Station 4, 5550 Spalding Dr.,30092
Fire Station 11, 5885 Live Oak Pkwy.,30093
Fire Station 23, 4355 Steve Reynolds Blvd.,30093

Fire Station 6, 3890 Johnson Dr.,30039
Fire Station 12, 2815 Lenora Church Rd.,30078

Sugar Hill
Fire Station 26, 6075 Suwanee Dam Rd.,30518

Fire Station 21, 474 Old Peachtree Rd.,30024
Sims Lake Park,4600 Suwanee Dam Road, 30024