Make the “Season of Giving” Last a Lifetime

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Christy founded T.H.I.N.K while a Grayson High School Student.

Some believe the urge to help others is universal. If that”s true, then why do some of us feel its pull more strongly than others?

No one questions that the economy has made many of us want to hunker down into a cocooned lifestyle. Or, the opposite is true. Have you been fighting the urge for some retail therapy? Either way, you might be feeling conflicted when the opportunity comes along to lend a helping hand to donate your time or money.

More than ever, now is the time to get in touch with your “giving self” and plug into a lasting source of real happiness, and not just because it”s the holiday season. A lifetime of giving has its rewards, a few of which you may not have thought about.

Christy Lyles knows what makes her happy, “If I can make one person happy every day, then I”m happy.” Some might say Christy was born with the “altruism gene.” When she was a student at Grayson High School, she started a non-profit organization, called T.H.I.N.K., which stands for Teens Helping Impoverished Neglected Kids.

“It”s easy to become a giving person if you hang out with others that are giving,” says Christy. She started out by volunteering at a local food bank and noticed that children had to wait hours in line with their parents to receive donated food with nothing to do.

Christy began playing simple games with the children and then she brought arts and crafts. “All I had to do was stop and think what it would be like if I had to stand in that line like that and what would make me feel better.”

Acquiring an altruistic way of thinking doesn”t mean you have to sell all your worldly goods and move to some remote village, although, God bless those that do. But, cleaning out your closet and donating that trendy handbag for a tax deduction, doesn”t exactly qualify either. So where do you start?

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