Making Classrooms More Dynamic and Engaging through eCLASS

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Among the 10 components of our Strategic Priorities for 2010-2020* is one that deals with Information Management and Technology. The desired “future state”# outlined for this component sparks important questions for the school district. How do we ensure that our classrooms are as dynamic and engaging as possible? What digital tools will help us best expand the walls of the classroom for both students and teachers? Are we ready to transition from a dependence on printed textbooks to reliance on more digital resources? Since technology changes quickly, what is the wisest investment of our limited resources?

We are addressing these and related questions now through the development of eCLASS, a digital Content, Learning, Assessment, and Support System. Our goal through this multi-year initiative is to provide teachers and administrators the information they need to improve student engagement and learning. Through eCLASS we will provide support for teachers”from more useful data about their students” learning to staff development that will bolster the teacher”s effectiveness in the classroom. We also will use eCLASS to build on our students” interests and capabilities. We want them to be able to “power up”# when they come to school and use for learning the many resources that are part of their media-rich lives. Learning then will be more real and more relevant to students who have never known a world without technology.

In Phase I of developing eCLASS, district leaders reviewed the technology resources and capabilities we already have, and crafted a roadmap to take us from our current state to where we want to be. In Phase II, we will evaluate possible software solutions that will support teaching and learning, as well as the district”s human capital management. From there we will enter the design and implementation phases when we will ask teachers and others to provide essential input.

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