Marketing Bootcamp

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Let”s face it! Businesses have been hit hard recently, but now”s not the time run and hide. It”s time to be smart and agressive. It”s important now more than ever to make your marketing dollars count. Our guide will help you create a marketing strategy in 2009 that will both maximize your dollars and further your position in the marketplace.

Have a plan.
By reviewing your past marketing efforts, you can gain insight into how your company has been positioned and what initiatives worked well, or not at all for your company. With a better plan in place, even things that didn”t prove successful in the past might work in the future.

Make every dollar count.
"Marketing dollars spent in a down economy are more powerful because if other people start to cut back, your investment commands more attention in the marketplace," says Dana Urrutia, public relations manager for Tillman Allen Greer. "In an effort to help our customers get the most out of their marketing dollars, we are offering media bundles to our clients, which include traditional print advertising, Web ads and video that can be use for business promotion. Our customers are enjoying the fact that they can take care of all of their advertising needs and marketing materials by simply calling one company."

The team at Tillman Allen Greer is also working with clients to develop more interactive approaches to marketing, including online Webepisodes, marketing videos and interactive press releases with a video component. "These combined deals are helping our customers stretch their marketing dollars, without sacrificing quality. Our customers have access to the most innovative approach to marketing within their budget."

Realize that marketing is the lifeline to sales.
Often said, never truer: Marketing is muscle, not fat. Don”t cut it. Effective marketing can help reduce the number of required sales calls, thereby lowering the cost of doing business. Defining the average length of your sales cycle can help you define marketing communications and follow-up strategies.

Face the competition.
Analyze who the players are in your marketplace and look at what they do. Determine what their market share is, and identify areas where you see any vulnerability for your company.

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