Meet Dr. Bill Williams

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Suwanee Dental Care

Our Story: Suwanee Dental Care (SDC) delivers comfortable, comprehensive dentistry to discriminating individuals. The team of four highly trained dentists creates beautiful smiles that people love throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond. They offer all aspects of dentistry including implants, ortho, cosmetics and sedation.

How We Help: A recent advance in dentistry and medicine is the discovery of the Oral-Systemic Connection. Oral inflammation causes or worsens heart conditions, stroke and/or diabetes. My team treats the causes with laser periodontal therapy.

Problems We Solve: People want prettier, healthier smiles. Dental phobias keep many from getting the care they need. Missing teeth allow bites to collapse resulting in TMJ and pain. We have solutions to these and other problems.

Results We Deliver: Patients win beauty contests with their Suwanee Dental smiles. Improved confidence in smiles and breath leads to career advances. Heart attacks and stroke are reduced and diabetic patients are more stable with laser gum therapy.

What Makes Us Unique: We”re a world-class practice offering all dental services under one roof. High Tech – Soft Touch is not just a slogan at SDC. Kenya missions and Deserving Diva Makeovers set us apart, as does experience.

What”s Next: Dr. Chad Schalk joins Drs. Goik, Smith and I at Suwanee Dental Care this September. The practice now has the world”s finest, a LightWalker Laser. I founded Solstice Dental Advisors to teach other dentists.

Phone: 770-614-7300
Fax: 770-614-7911
4355 Suwanee Dam Road
Suwanee, GA 30024

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