Meet N. Wallace Kelleman, Esq., LLM, LTCP

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Kelleman Law Firm, PC

Our Story: Kelleman Law Firm, PC provides a variety of legal services with concentrations in elder law and civil litigation. The firm provides representation for Georgians in need of handling the legal issues associated with the aging process and complex litigation, such as medical malpractice and personal injury matters.

How We Help: Our goal is to help individuals and families through education and services. We are tailored to identify and meet their legal needs in a safe and caring environment at a reasonable cost.

Problems We Solve: As a retired RN, I serve my clientele both from a medical and legal perspective. This includes estate planning, asset protection planning, probate and guardianships.

Results We Deliver: Clients of our firm unable to travel can have legal needs met through hospital, nursing home and home visits with referrals made to knowledgeable providers who can assist families once legal services are completed.

What Makes Us Unique: I have a 38-year career in nursing combined with 18 years of legal practice including complex litigation. I am also licensed as a life and health insurance agent. This unique skill set combination benefits my clients.

What”s Next: I wish that the baby boomers recognize that they are aging, can get ill and will someday pass away, so planning for their future is a must. I will continue to work to get the word out that aging is a risky business.

Phone: 770-736-0369
Fax: 770-978-4358
P.O. Box 870647
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

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