Meet Rick Williams

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Chairman of the Board and Co-CEO## #
Primerica, Inc.

Our Story: Headquartered in Duluth, Primerica sells term life insurance, mutual funds, loans and other financial products to middle incomes families through an independent contractor/sales force of approximately 92,000 representatives. The company insures approximately 4.3 million lives and maintains more than 2 million clients” investment accounts.

How We Help: We help put our clients” financial lives in order. We help them understand their financial situation, looking at both their income and expenses and evaluating the types of insurance and savings programs they need to fulfill all their aspirations.

Problems We Solve: Middle income families in this country are in a financial crisis. They don”t have their finances in order, they spend and borrow too much and don”t save enough. We are here to help them resolve their issues allowing them to forge ahead to a bright future.

Results We Deliver: We help our clients understand their financial situation and take action to begin the process of obtaining financial security.

What Makes Us Unique: We sell through a very large independent contractor/sales force in which the majority work part-time. They each have the opportunity to transition into full-time business owners. Through our sales force distribution system, we”re able to reach the middle income market to offer insurance policies and savings plans to an underserved market.

What”s Next: We believe that our sales force has tremendous momentum. In June, we hosted our biennial convention at the Georgia Dome, which served as a platform for us to introduce new products and technologies. Our goal is to sustain this growth so that we can help more families.

Phone: 770-381-1000
Fax: 770-564-6110
3120 Breckinridge Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30099

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