Meet Sandi Porter

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Owner and Certified Fitness Trainer & Specialist in Sports Nutrition## #
Start with the Inside

Our Story: Sandi Porter founded Start With The Inside as a health and wellness company to address the emotional side of losing weight. She works individually or with corporate groups to educate through training, workshops and classes. Her passion is helping others change and improve their health through fitness and nutrition.

How We Help: When clients come to me, they have already tried many things to lose weight. From crazy diets to fad workouts – they are frustrated with failure. We teach them how our emotional health affects our physical health.

Problems We Solve: We deal with emotional eating and trigger food, deciphering marketing and advertising to know if something is good for you and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle without giving up on what you really desire.

Results We Deliver: Our clients realize that good health comes with the responsibility of facing their problems. They learn how to deal with the small issues that may be holding them back from health success. They learn to love fitness and health.

What Makes Us Unique: My philosophy is different than most trainers because I address the emotional aspect of losing weight. Why is it so hard to fit exercise in your life or stop eating foods you know you shouldn”t? It is possible to live healthy!

What”s Next: As founder of Gwinnett”s Losing It!, a healthy 12-week weight-loss program in Gwinnett County, I am excited to continue to make a difference in our clients” health. I want to continue to educate, motivate and help people reach their health goals.

Phone: 404-925-2626
1340 Chandler Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30045