Meet Scott Keniley, Esq.

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Keniley-Kumar, LLC

Our Story: If you”re an entrepreneur, Keniley-Kumar, LLC will prepare you to meet the high demands of the competitive business world. Scott Keniley has served as general counsel to a publicly traded company; judge; professor; business owner; frequent lecturer and University Graduation Keynote speaker; entertainment, sports & IP law conference educational chairman; university advisory committee and non-profit board members.

How We Help: Sound legal and business advice will provide the foundation for sound business operations. Using a combination of legal skill, business acumen and experience, we provide the tools needed to assist the client in attaining their goals.

Problems We Solve: We try to solve problems before they occur. However, when they do occur, we will step in to help mitigate damages first (negotiation) and fight last.

Results We Deliver: Our goal is to solve problems and point you in the direction of successful business practices while thinking innovatively. Representative experience includes transactional, corporate and litigation for music; new media; technology; liquor and sports equipment companies; gambling consortiums; Internet service providers; award-winning artists; clothing designers; magazines and heavyweight champion fighters.

What Makes Us Unique: We pride ourselves on exploring future and “outside the box”# alternatives to traditional business paradigms that maximizes business potential. This includes “outside the box”# alternatives to legal billing that is popular with our clients.

What”s Next: Keeping up with the current state of technology and business is paramount to our clients. It”s vital to maximize technology in order to simplify our workload so as to allow more time with my family.

Phone: 770-263-0000
Fax: 404-420-2260
2 Ravinia Drive, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30346

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