Meet the Eventurers!

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Red pepper, our advertising agency, began to plan our new advertising and marketing campaign a few months ago. One of the first things we did in planning our campaign was to question planners about their perceptions on using Gwinnett Center and the Arena as a meeting venue, as well as why they found value in utilizing the GCVB”s assistance when planning a meeting.

Their answers spoke volumes to us as we began to plan our newest advertising campaign. Customer service. Personalized, one-on-one attention. Extensive follow-up. Listening to what the customers have to say. These focus groups were a mix of meeting planners, potential planners, the local community, and the GCVB and Gwinnett Center staff.

Time and time again, the answers were the same – it was all about the people, the staff, their dedication to their jobs and their belief that Gwinnett was the absolute best place to hold an event.

While many of Gwinnett”s facilities have won local, regional and national awards (including the Arena, Gwinnett Center, the Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place and the Atlanta Marriott Norcross) – ultimately, it is their people that make or break the success of any event.

That”s why we are proud to kick off our newest advertising campaign – one that doesn”t focus on facilities or exhibit halls or hotel rooms – but a campaign that features the "Superheroes" of Gwinnett”s meeting and hospitality industry.

You may be surprised – some of the faces are the ones that you may never see one-on-one when you plan a meeting, but they are the behind-the-scenes gurus who are making the magic happen. Check out Captain Culinary – who, in civilian life, is known as Chef Jonathan Cheatham, executive chef of Proof of the Pudding, the exclusive caterer of Gwinnett Center and Arena.

Over the next months, and in various publications, you”ll meet some of our other "super" staff, including "The Merry Marvel," "Agent Catalyst," and "The Mind Reader." Locals will recognize them as Cricket Elliott, our reunion sales manager; Thomas Hutchinson, operations manager of the Arena; and Angie Bogen, event sales manager at Gwinnett Center.

Collectively, the staff of Gwinnett Center, the Arena and the GCVB are known as the "Eventurers," whose motto is "with powers beyond your average planner, our team will meet your every challenge." We look forward to not only hosting new meetings, but also to our local community realizing the economic advantages of bringing their meetings home.

Visit our new micro-site – www.heroicplanning.com – to start planning your next meeting and register to win a $500 gas card today!

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